Mobile Glow LEDs, LLC. is a family owned and operated world wide distributor of Fusion LED Systems. We strive each and every day to provide the very best products at a competitive price. We know that superb customer service along an outstanding product line leads to a loyal customer base.

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Warranty Information

We want to inform our customers ahead of time about the warranty items and product conditions that are covered and not covered under warranty so you understand if an item is not being covered. Our LEDs come with a lifetime warranty, but our warranty on our CPUs, remotes and other products is for one (1) year after date of purchase. CPUs with any external buttons are no longer covered under warranty (We have not sold that version CPU for many years and they are no longer covered under warranty). Our Warranty is VOIDED if there are alterations or modifications done to the lights, if there are torn wires or damaged lights. We do understand our double side adhesive tape may tear while removing led strips that is acceptable to us.